Why do ATS?

One of the major problems with believers is Biblical Illiteracy. Although there are vast amounts of bible study materials offered online or in print by which believers can use to grow a lot of Christians lack knowledge of the will, ways and wisdom of God. If you are at the point of realising that you are limited in what you know and you want to be empowered and learn how to get to the next level in God, ATS is the course for you. ATS is purposed to:-

Lead seekers through the process of becoming saints.
Ensure that saints mature in God’s principles and values and become ministers.
Enable members understand the need for commitment to a local assembly.
Promote active participation of all member in expansion of the kingdom.
Ensure that seekers are not only Biblically informed but that their lives are also transformed.

The program is divided into three modules:-

Module 1 (Foundational course)
Module 2 ( Missonal training program)
Module 3 ( Missonal training program).

For interested participants you can share your interest via email through the contact page of the church website or in person to one of the appointed instructors.

  • Class Time
  • Sundays - 9:30 a.m to 10:30 a.m

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